We have 25 air-conditioned rooms and two "kubos" (bamboo huts). All rooms have oceanfront views.

There are different choices to accomodate individuals, familly and friends, and business groups.


The Taos Building has 12  standard rooms, and 9  rooms good for 4 pax, 2 rooms good for 2 pax and 1 room good for 3 pax.


The Santa Fe Building has 8 rooms with 2 deluxe and 6 standard rooms.


 The Pueblo Building is designed to accommodate large groups, like families of barkadas. Each of the 5 rooms (2 on 1st floor & 3 on the 2nd floor) is good for 8-10 pax.
Kcrest The 1st floor of the Kokopeli Building is now available. Kokopeli 1 is good for 12pax and Kokopeli 2 & 3 are good for 10 pax.

All rooms in our four buildings have air-conditioning and a shower/comfort room. Beds available are kings, queens, and twins depending on the rooms. Other frunishings like kitchen, TV, waredrobe, desk, table, etc. also varies. Please refer to the listing below for more specifics...

The rates below are for the Peak Season, which is February to July. We offer a 30% discount during the Off-Peak Season, which is August to January.

Additional pax charged at P500/head.

"NO PETS ALLOWED" policy is strictly enforced.

Check-in time is 1:30 p.m. and check-out is 11:30 a.m.


Don't rely on the unreasonable low prices quoted by some travel agencies and bloggers!!! IMBR only honors prices on this official website!

Taos Building
Santa Fe Building
Pueblo Building
Kokopeli Building
Kubo (Bamboo Hut)

9 Standard (2 beds - 4 Pax) - P4,000 each

2 Standard (1 beds - 2 Pax) - P3,000 each

1 Standard (1 bunk & 1 bed - 3 Pax) - P3,500 each

2 Deluxe Rooms available (3 beds w/TV & Ref) - 6 Pax) - P6,000 each

6 Standard Rooms available (3 beds - 6 Pax) - P5,000 each

5 Separate Rooms available - P7,000 each

1 Deluxe Room available (12 Pax) - P12,000

2 Standard Rooms available (10 Pax) - P10,000 each

2 Kubos available (1 bed - 2 Pax) P2,000 each